The IDEA has been the driving force behind the simple idea that every American citizen is a person of dignity and worth, having a spirit and a soul, and having the right to develop his or her full capacities. -President Bill Clinton 

Legal Services

Educational Consultation and Advocacy Services

We provide special education consultation and advocacy services for supporting families to access quality services, including the following:

  • -IEP review and recommendations.

  • -Advocate for evidence-based programs and instructional practices.

  • -Related services, such as assistive technology and augmentative communication systems.

  • -Supplementary aids and services necessary to achieve educational benefit.

  • -Positive behavioral intervention & supports and functional behavioral assessments.

  • -Review of current educational services and programs (under IDEA and 504 Plans).

  • -Attendance at IEP/504 Plan meeting.

  • -Coaching on advocacy tips for special education services.

We provide legal services related to general disability-related issues, including the following:

  • -Special education complaints/due process issues, with special emphasis on students with complex needs (i.e., multiple disabilities, intellectual disabilities, and autism) and access to the least restrictive environment.

  • -Access to services and benefits (i.e., DDD and ALTCS).

  • -Disability Discrimination, such as discrimination and denial of accommodations covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Susan Marks & Advocates provides legal, advocacy, and educational consultation services to improve the quality of life of families and individuals with disabilities. Our services are listed below. However, concerned individuals should contact our firm for other issues that may not be listed below, if the concern is related to a disability (i.e., housing discrimination, denial of services, etc.).

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