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IMPORTANT: Once submitted, please check your junk/spam folder if you do not receive an email from us within 2-3 days!!

Request for Assistance for Special Education or 504 Plan Issue

The form provided on this page is to be completed only if you are requesting services for a school-related matter. If you just have a question or wish to speak with someone, please go to the "Contact Us" link.

If you are seeking assistance for a non-school related matter, please use the "Contact Us" link or call our office.

‚ÄčEducational Consultation/Advocacy services are $95/hour, plus travel time for one way of travel and round-trip mileage at $.445/mile (although we make every attempt to assign an advocate as close to you as possible, we may not always be able to do so). Each new case will also be invoiced up to one hour for file review by an attorney. Legal services provided by an attorney (travels from Sedona) will vary depending on the type of matter (range is from $160 to $350 per hour). 


‚ÄčNOTE: Because we take cases based on our availability and consider requests in the order received, there is no guarantee that we will be able to take your case. Therefore, completion of this form does not mean that we will be able to accept your case. Completion of this form also does not mean an attorney-client relationship has been established. You will receive an email within 48 hours letting you know if we are able to take your case, unless we have additional questions. We will require that you sign a fee/representation agreement along with payment of an advance fee deposit of $400 (this advance deposit will be used towards your incurred fees and any unused balance remaining will be reimbursed upon completion of our work).